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4 Great Ways to make your Exeter Wedding Extra Romantic

Exeter is a beautiful city set in one of the most picturesque counties in England, so it is no wonder so many couples want to get married here. And being one of the most beautiful cities it is also very romantic, but there are always ways to add a little more romance into any wedding day!

Here are a few ideas to add extra Romance into your Exeter Wedding Day

Exeter Wedding Venues - Exeter has some extraordinary wedding venues to choose from, but to make a really romantic venue you need to pick a wedding venue in Exeter that really speaks to you as a couple – could it be that getting married in Exeter Castle will add the extra romance or in a dazzling Devon country hotel or could it be that a luxury glamping site has jut that special touch of romance you were looking for. Whatever you choose to ensure it speaks to you as a couple to find that extra bit of venue magic.

Exeter Wedding Caterers

The food at your Exeter wedding is so important, it is the one things everyone, including the bridal couple, all their family and all their friends remember so making sure it is special extra romantic is what expert Caterers Devon catering are so good at. Romantic food is as unique as the couple getting married, perhaps you can include elements of your first date in one of the courses or celebrate where you had your first holiday together by having ingredients unique to the place you visited. The local food producers are so good in Devon perhaps your romance includes ensuring everything is sourced locally or if your other half is from a different country include their favourite too. Whatever you have on your wish list for your Wedding Breakfast in Exeter the team at Devon Catering can make it a reality.

Surprises for Guests & wedding party

Exeter has some of the best wedding suppliers in the country so if you are planning to surprise your bride or groom on your big day with a special gift, activity or added extra to the wedding they were not expecting then you will certainly be able to source what you need in Exeter. Perhaps your bride loves Ice-Cream so you order an Ice Cream truck for the evening party, perhaps you have arranged for a family member to be at the wedding when your other half though they couldn’t come. Maybe you need the services of a good wedding planner to ensure the gifts you have bought for your wedding party as a surprise are delivered in the right way at the right time. Extra surprises and added extras are always well received and extra romantic at a wedding.

Meaningful items included

Romance is often about the little things, rather than the grand gestures. Weddings are also about joining two families together so including pieces from the past in your wedding day will ensure everyone feels included and there will not be a dry eye at the vows. Jewellery from grandparents, flowers from home included in bouquets and songs for the first dance that have a lot of meaning behind them all make for a truly romantic wedding in Exeter.

To discuss how we can help you make your Exeter wedding as special as you are contact our the experienced and friendly team at Devon Catering today.