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Ideas for a Vegan Wedding Menu

Weddings are first and foremost about the Bride and Groom! Sometimes this gets a little forgotten in the swathes of advice given to the happy couple from friends and family in the lead up and planning of the big day. So, if the couple that are getting married are Vegan then they should be encouraged to make the day as Vegan as they want it to be. Weddings are a celebration of love and the vibrancy and energy of a vegan menu really compliments this feeling.

Vegan Wedding Breakfast

This will of course include a vegan wedding menu along with other choices and ideas that support and celebrate their love for each other and their commitment to being vegan. Considering the needs of their guests is of course important but the great thing about a Vegan Wedding Breakfast is that all your guests can enjoy the same food (allergies permitting). Because the guests at the vegan wedding are friends and family they will be happy to go plant based for one day, and it may open their imagination to what is possible with vegan food and how delicious and colourful it can be.

Vegan Wedding Caterer

Choosing a wedding caterer for your big day is always one of the most important suppliers as you want the food to be amazing, and this is even more so when it comes to creating an entirely vegan menu. The great thing about Vegan wedding menu’s is that because the chefs can choose from vegetables and fruit only they can really challenge themselves to come up with something beautiful to look at and amazing to taste and as it is for the whole wedding party the whole focus can be on the vegan option not just as a dietary requirement. The caterer does not have to be vegan themselves to be able to create a stunning vegan menu, they just have to be able to embrace the couple’s vision for their wedding day and have the experience to deliver exceptional food every time.

Vegan Wedding Menu Ideas

The options for vegan wedding menus are endless but here are a few ideas from starters to desserts:

Starters – Can include vibrant red tomatoes seasonally dressed to nut based cheeses served on crackers alongside a fresh zingy salad. In the winter this can include vibrant or hearty soups

Mains -  For depth of flavour consider having cauliflower cooked in a number if interesting ways on the main plate, for the summer think of a fresh summer squash layered open lasagne, or perhaps consider using mushrooms as the main ingredient on their own or stuffed into peppers or other vegetables.

Dessert – Vegan Cheesecakes are always delicious especially if they are paired with seasonal fruits and edible flowers, or for a sweet hit at the end of your wedding breakfast consider a coconut cream pie with macadamia nuts and banana.

Vegan Wedding Buffet Ideas

If you are considering have a buffet selection at your vegan wedding, then you will have an exciting range of foods to choose from. There are many different types of vegan substitute ingredients you can use if you want your food to be familiar to your guests or you can ask your wedding caterer to create something completely bespoke for your wedding. The choice is yours. Artisan bread and olive oil, vegan quiche’s vegetable bruschettas and different types of colourful pastas and salads could all be on your vegan wedding buffet.

Whatever is on your catering wish list for your vegan wedding we can help you create the most amazing menu that you and your guests will love, contact Devon Catering today to discuss all your vegan wedding ideas!