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Incorporating Devon traditions and customs into your wedding

Devon is one of the most beautiful counties in England (and many would argue in the wider world also!) so if you are planning on getting married in this stunning county you are in good company.

Devon Weddings

Devon weddings often have a spectacular backdrop making your special day and the photos that follow one to remember, but Devon is not only known for its beautiful scenery and friendly hospitality it also has its fair share of quirky traditions, folk tales and customs. These old-fashioned customs are to be celebrated and if you are looking for something unique to incorporate into your wedding then perhaps looking to the past will inspire you.

Customs and traditions always move with the time so adopting some of these old Devon traditions into your modern wedding will give a nod to the past, to your heritage but also create a unique day you and your guests will remember.

Devon Traditions at your Wedding

Flaming Tar Barrels of Ottery St Mary – Dating back to the 17th Century seventeen tar seasoned barrels are set alight and carried through the town culminating in a huge bonfire on the banks of the river otter, a truly spectacular sight. Flaming barrels may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning your wedding ceremony but taking that as inspiration and perhaps including campfires in your wedding evening reception, so guests can toast marshmallows into the night may be a fitting (and safe) tribute to this old Devon festival.

Apples and Apple Pies – Everybody knows that apples are a mainstay of the Devon diet, mainly because of the excellent cider and scrumpy it produces but did you also know that the Apple Pie Fair in Marldon started in 1888? This unusual fete held in Marldon (just outside of Paignton) is held in the last Saturday in July and a large apple pie is baked and carried through the town on a donkey cart! Perhaps keep the Donkeys off the guest list but incorporating apples in some way into your wedding is a great way to bring the Devon into the wedding. Perhaps a cider inspired cocktail for a welcome drink or toasting drink or choosing individual apple pies as desserts or using them as table decorations.

Cream Tea – A delicious tradition, and whether you are jam then cream (Cornwall) or cream then jam (Devon) this is an easy and tasty way to include Devon food traditions into your wedding. Clotted cream is also famous in the south west so if you want to do something a little unexpected include a clotted cream ice cream with jam coulis instead!

Devon Pixies – In June a strange folk tradition takes place in Ottery St Mary, Pixie day commemorates the local custom of banishing the Pixies of Ottery into local caves known as ‘Pixies Parlour’. Unique and interesting the event is ended with a fireworks display, for those couples who like a little whimsy at their wedding incorporating the Devon Pixies can be a nice idea, or simply adopting the fireworks display or even just sparklers would be a good tribute.

Weddings in Devon

Whether you are a planning a traditional Devon wedding, a modern Devon wedding or something a little in between incorporating something of this stunning county is always a great idea. The team at Devon Catering are experts at sourcing local produce (also something Devon is known for) so you will can ensure there is also some real Devon food served to your guests on your big day.

Whether you want a modern menu or a traditional one, Devon catering have the expertise and the experience to create the menu you want on your wedding day!