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Modern Festive Food for your Christmas Party

Whatever and however you spend Christmas this year there is a good chance that festive food will be at the heart of the celebration. Whether it is a corporate Christmas party or a large family gathering there will be nothing better than swapping gifts and sharing laughter while enjoying truly delicious food. We all have our favourites and some of us love and some of us hate the ‘sprouts’, Christmas food has become part of the tradition of the holidays and below are a few ways to keep the traditional elements while adding a modern element to Christmas Catering:

As its cold outside, consider adding candles to your table, not only to add warmth to the décor but as a modern way to enjoy your festive desserts. Use the flame to warm marshmallows on sticks to make them delicious and gooey – simply eat or make into ‘smores’! If you are having a larger party or corporate event, perhaps choose individual chocolate fondue placings, or try one per table with an assortment of fresh fruit and sweeties to dip! If you have some space outside consider a larger BBQ or Fire Pit to warm your marshmallows under the stars, and don’t discount a hog roast at Christmas - delicious, warming and a real crowd pleaser!

Canapés are a great way to feed a crowd, especially at a Christmas party, you can keep little nibbles coming throughout the night keeping everyone mingling and happy without serving a whole meal. Modern festive canapé’s should tell a story and say something about the host of the party – a great caterer like can work with you to ensure your corporate message can be reflected throughout your catering. Perhaps theming the food using a single colour that represents your brand, or ensuring you use food that is only from your local area.

For a modern feel to your canapé try serving festive food in miniature, think of succulent sliced of beef or turkey served in a Yorkshire pudding, small slices of beef wellington, or a hearty stew served in mini ramekins with a festive scone. Small bites of sweet mince pies individually decorated or a tiny portion of Christmas pudding served on a decorative spoon with a splodge of cream – yum!

If you are going the whole nine yards at your Christmas event and serving a 3 (or more) course meal with all the trimmings, perhaps the best place to add that modern twist to your Christmas menu is with the side dishes. Ensure the side dished are stars alongside the main meat, Cauliflower cheese, sprouts with prosciutto, adding a delicious and zingy herb vinaigrette to green steamed veg like peas and leeks, or blending celeriac with potatoes to make a delicious gratin will help make the festive meal very special.

Perhaps the best and most stress free way of making your Christmas party, whether you are inviting, clients, friends, relatives or colleagues, is to talk to the team at Devon Catering and let them help create and even serve an incredible menu for your invited guests. 


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