Bonfire night is a great point in the year, the autumn leaves are starting to fall, the nights are drawing darker and this makes a stunning backdrop for fireworks and bonfires.

With the summer wedding rush over it is no surprise that couples looking for something a little different are choosing November to get married and bonfire night as a background theme.

Bonfire Night Wedding

Whether you get married on the 5th November or just close to it in the Autumn, bonfire night has some great ideas that translate so well into wedding themes. If you are thinking of getting married and want to incorporate some ideas from this unique celebration, then read below for some of our ideas:

Apples – from toffee apples to hot apple cider, Autumn sees a large rage of different apples available, so they are perfect for including in a wedding celebration. Perhaps consider a toffee apple themed dessert or a toffee apple station where guests are able to dip sliced apples into a range of toffee sauces and then add their own toppings.

Fireworks – Fireworks are a beautiful sight to have at any celebration, but they would be truly magical at a bonfire night themed wedding. As the firework display will be on later in the evening be sure to have some hot drinks on hand and maybe a warm bite to eat and provide guest with blankets so they can keep warm while enjoying the show.

Campfire – outdoor elements to weddings are becoming more and more popular and having a bonfire or campfire at a bonfire night inspired wedding would be stunning. Perhaps before or after the fireworks so guests can toast marshmallows and have sparklers around the fire and chat and relax.

Hot Chocolate – If you are including a lot of outdoor elements to your bonfire night wedding then think about setting up a hot chocolate station. This could include a few different types of hot chocolate (including some alcoholic options) and then a range of marshmallows, sauces, sprinkles and other toppings so guests can have fun making their own and warming up when they need to.

Sausages – Not always thought of as the most elegant food to serve at a wedding but they work so well with a bonfire theme. They can be served as anything from little glazed canape sausages on sticks, to being the main event as a sausage and mash main meal or even as hot dogs for the wedding reception food.

A bonfire night themed wedding gives so much scope for being inventive and putting your own spin on a traditional celebration. Keeping your guests warm if you are going outside is one of the main considerations and then getting a skilled wedding caterer to create magical bonfire inspired food will make your wedding unique. Talk to the team at Devon Catering about your ideas so they can create the perfect bonfire night wedding menu for you.

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