Yes of course you can have a Hog Roast for your wedding breakfast. It is your wedding and many Brides choose this option as it is delicious and fits within most wedding budgets. If you have a large number of guests at your wedding reception then having a Hog Roast may be one of the best value and cheapest options available to you while being very tasty and something a little unusual that your guests won’t forget.
It has been more common to have the traditional Hog Roast as an evening meal but more and more Brides and Grooms are deciding to have a Hog Roast as the main event.

The rise in popularity of having the Hog Roast as a wedding breakfast is most likely because the visual elements of a whole pig roasting on a spit is very striking and one whole pig can feed a great many people so the cost per head is much less than a lot of other traditional wedding breakfast options. Having a Hog Roast at a wedding is also gaining in popularity because of the current trends in vintage fashion.

Hog Roast Catering

Everything vintage is very in Vogue at the moment and fashion conscious Brides and those looking for something a little bit unique are looking for a vintage feel to their wedding celebrations and the traditional Devon Hog Roast evokes an English village fair feel which blends beautifully with a vintage wedding. Summer weddings are also always popular and being able to have food served outside in the sun is a bonus. Involving the Groom in planning the wedding also has an impact on the rise in popularity of the Hog Roast as boys and BBQ’s have always been a popular combination! Hog Roasts on your wedding menu also offer invite a more relaxed atmosphere in your wedding, if you want to create a very formal wedding then perhaps a Hog Roast is not for you but for the growing number of Brides and Grooms who want a relaxed wedding day then a Hog Roast will help create this feeling.

Things to remember when serving a hog roast at your wedding;

1.Remember to include a vegetarian option. Vegetarian options can include simply ensuring there are a large array of sides available or providing something specific like a gorgeous quiche or tart.

2.Remember to have lots of condiments available. Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are popular choices. If you can have lots of different pots scattered around the venue to avoid everyone queuing for one ketchup bottle. For a very unique touch you could decant different condiments into nice bottles, jars or tubs decorated to match your theme for example, small jam jars you have collected tied with a ribbon in your wedding colours is a great cheap option for each table.

3. Have lots of napkins available. Have small packs of hand wipes and lots of napkins so your guests can wipe hands and small children without having to go to a washroom.

4.Avoid Queues. Finally have your Hog Roast and selection of sides on separate tables to avoid queues. If possible have few tables of the same sides around the venue so people can pop back for more and finish up the lovely food.

Hog Roasts also offer a great choice for your guests as they are often served with a large array of salads and side orders baked, roast, or boiled potatoes are popular as are green, pasta or rice salads. These are traditional options you can also add more fine dining sides, quirky sides or the wedding couple’s favourite foods on the side for a more personal menu. For a very unique experience you can add canapé’s before the Hog Roast is served, this adds a touch of glamour.

The best way to get a wedding menu that is unique to you, your personal tastes and your budget is to talk to experienced wedding caterers like If you hire a wedding caterer that not only provides Hog Roasts but a range of other services also you will be able to build the perfect wedding breakfast menu for your big day.

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