What’s the common denominator in every team building event? Well, it’s pretty simple really, it’s bonding!

Companies have all kinds of aims and goals when they set up team building events, but they all boil down to four basic desires:

1. To build loyalty and boost morale

2. To improve communication and unity

3. To define and express company vision as objectives or goals

4. To increase productivity or enthusiasm – or both.

So what’s the role of food in company team building events?

It’s huge.

For the British, in particular, grumbling about food has been a classic behaviour that unites disparate groups – from the muttering in the canteen queue to the misery of the sandwich on a train. We’re just used to moaning about catering. So when considering a team building event, it’s really good to bear in mind the way that food can be an experience that unites and inspires – and in a good way rather than a bad one!

As experienced caterers for all kinds of corporate events we know how important it is to have great food and great service to keep your guests engaged with your message. We are lucky to be in Devon as it is such a great place to have corporate team building events and below are a few great catering ideas to enhance your team building event.

Sharing platters to promote team relationships – food that you have to cut and tear, or build and transport can be an amazing way to start the bonding process. Our catering team can deliver sharing platters that contain food that your participants need to cut, wrap, dip and ‘build’ from constructing open sandwiches to drizzling delicious flavoured vinegars over fish goujons. You can’t overestimate the relationships that are constructed as people play with great food!

Elaborate food as team rewards – every team wants to win, and when the ‘winners’ get something special to eat, they are doubly united, because of the food, and by sharing it. So whether your participants would go all out for a chocolate fountain or beat the competition to ‘earn’ some special sushi, our catering experts will provide edible rewards that work for your event.

Competitive events where the winners chose the food – oh, the tenseness of knowing that the winners get to call ‘Tacos’ or ‘Surf and Turf’ or whatever else is on the shortlist that we’ve agreed with you. Our catering team can be ready to serve whatever the winners chose, and when its dinner that’s at stake, you’d be amazed how competitive people can become!

Food discovery as a team building process – the taste and textures of food, the way that certain landscapes produce superlative local products (and Devon has some of the best local suppliers in the world) Or encourage your participants to discover the best way to serve tea or caviar truffles as most of us are fascinated by food. We can put together a food discovery session that brings your teams together to explore foods – their traditions, the heritage, the best way to eat certain ingredients and how to identify truly exceptional foods. It makes for an unforgettable experience and a great way to learn.

Team cooking – nothing unites people like cooking together, so, as caterers, we love to get your teams involved in preparing and serving some really special food. Nothing unites individuals like sitting down to eat something they’ve cooked together and nothing makes us happier than seeing happy people bonding over a really great dish.

We are experienced corporate caterers with great ideas, we can deliver everything from simple, delicious food throughout the day to food ideas and events that your guests will talk about for months. Whatever you are planning talk to our incredible team today.

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