As wedding caterers we are always interested in emerging and upcoming wedding trends and the wedding rehearsal dinner is one of those things that is cropping up more and more.

A mainstay of the wedding calendar in the US, this event is making its way across the pond evolving into a more British version each year. The UK version tends to be a less formal affair than its American counterpart, with a focus on relaxed food, and venue as a preparation for the big day.

The good thing is, is that you don’t need to even bill this event as a ‘rehearsal dinner’ to guests but you could just wrap it up as a pre-wedding event, or as part of a wedding weekend for those who are playing a significant role in your special day, have travelled far or for those who can’t attend the actual wedding. It is completely the choice of the bride and groom whether to opt to invite 10 or 110 guests to this event.

A Relaxed Affair

A pre-wedding meal can be dinner, lunch or even brunch. Unlike the wedding day the spotlight is not focused on the bride and groom, there are no logistics, timings or schedules to be adhered to, speeches to be remembered or make up to keep perfect. It is a simple and relaxed gathering of friends and family to catch up and also mix and mingle for members of the bride and grooms family who have not yet met each other.

As more and more of us travel across the country (and sometimes continents) for weddings a pre wedding event is sometimes welcome so that those who have travelled far have a chance to have some catch up time with the Bride and Groom as on the wedding day it is often too busy for any quality conversations.

Scrumptious Food

Food at a rehearsal dinner or pre wedding lunch should be delicious but relaxed and if possible very different from the wedding day food to create separation. If you are having a sit down dinner at your wedding then consider a more informal buffet at the rehearsal and vice versa.

If there are only a few guests why not opt for a picnic in the park with big wicker baskets, tartan blankets and a great selection of traditional picnic treats, for a larger gathering a buffet of your favourite food that has not been included in your wedding menu like sushi or Mexican style wraps would be personal without overshadowing the food on the wedding day.

If you want to choose something more formal then try a family brunch with fresh salmon, eggs benedict, kedgeree and other brunch favourites served to the table with fruit and champagne to finish. If you want something more unusual many great venues have fire pits where you can serve warming soups, grilled meats in buns and then a selection of marshmallows on sticks for everyone to toast as a dessert.

There are no rules or expectations for a pre wedding get together so it can be whatever you want it to be. For the more creative brides a grooms it gives a place to showcase all the ideas that did not make it into the final wedding day plans, or for those who have family and friends across the globe it gives you some quality time to catch up before the busy wedding day. It gives new families time to introduce each other, or time to practice some of the jokes that may not make it into the speeches!! Whatever the reason for having a rehearsal dinner (and there doesn’t even have to be one) great food, friends and family are always a recipe for a great evening.

Your catering ideas for a pre wedding event and the big day itself can be brought to life by the team at Devon Catering. Contact us today for a chat about your ideas.



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