October and November are great food months, as the evenings draw darker homely flavours become popular choices and autumnal produce becomes abundant. Many Brides and grooms who choose to marry in these months do so because they love the atmosphere that an autumnal wedding brings and the seasonal food that is available. Here we look at a few notable food days that happen across the globe in these months with some ideas of how to incorporate them into your special day.

The second Friday in October is World Egg Day, we love eggs and they are great for incorporating into a wedding feast. Everything from the very traditional but still popular devilled eggs (which can be flavoured any way you choose) to mini or maxi scotch eggs, to fried eggs served on delicious burgers or modern and popular quails eggs served with fish or even a great egg custard tart to finish.

October & November have some great holidays and festivals including Halloween and then Bonfire night where great flavours like Popcorn, Caramel and Toffee Apples can be incorporated into the wedding menu. Food cooked over a fire pit could be included, hearty sausages or stews could be served regular size or even in miniature while a firework display plays out.

November 1st is World Vegan Day, started in 1994 by the Vegan Society. Most couples who are getting married ensure that there is a veggie/vegan option available for guests but a whole vegan menu is also possible.

Autumn and Winter Weddings in Devon often have bright, sunny days but the air is cool so warm soups are a welcome addition as a canape or starter. Germany celebrates a national soup day on November 19th and we were inspired by their Beetenbartsch Soup made from Beetroot with its punchy flavour and deep colour and there is also a German dessert soup called Fliederbeersuppe made from elderberries served with semolina dumplings – definitely something different!

Soups are popular at winter weddings because they truly warm the wedding guests and with a great caterer they will be full of flavour and colour and can fit in any wedding theme. From hearty vegetable and barley soups to bright modern soup trios of yellow (Butternut Squash), Green (Mint & Peas), and Reds (beets), to classics like French onion, soup is not a bland dish and can often be the star of the menu. If you have a delicious soup and are serving it in a simple bowl then consider decorating the table with edible soup additions like different types of breads, bread sticks and toppings like cheese, crunchy bacon or fried onions.

For those who love Sushi & Japanese flavours consider serving a Japanese Treat to your guests in the form of Pocky which are sweet skinny breadsticks dipped in chocolate and other toppings, or the South Korean version of Pepero which are thicker and often include things like nuts or sprinkles in the chocolate. These little treats both have their National day in their respective countries on November 11th.

Modern weddings often follow the fashion and the food that is served is no different, with everything Scandinavian being so in vogue at the moment we thought we would take a look at two food days that fall in October and November in Sweden. Kanelbullens Dag on October 4th is Sweden’s National day for celebrating the Cinnamon Bun and November 7th is Kladdkakans Day celebrating National Mud Cake Day. Serving a Scandi Cake as a dessert or as trio of desserts to end a meal will be a welcome and trendy way to end your day.

Whatever the weather, season or location the team at Devon Catering can provide something special for you and your guests, contact us on 01271 858505.

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