Weddings are very personal, and Brides and Grooms spend a lot of time making sure that their special day reflects them, their likes, their loves and their journey together.

This is exactly how is should be but what if you are both curry lovers, travelled the spice trail together, or got engaged in a spice rich country – the question becomes can you serve curry at a wedding?

The answer is of course you can serve anything you want at your wedding and if you love curry and want to serve it at your wedding reception then go for it!

Curry at a Wedding

One of the major considerations for Brides and Grooms when planning the food at their wedding is the fact that they want their guests to also really enjoy the day, which is why perhaps curry is not more mainstream at weddings, as people worry their guests won’t enjoy it. But this does not have to be the case, here are some ways to incorporate curry, and spices into your wedding day.

Go for the Curry

If you love curry then there is no reason why your guests won’t love it too – you can serve a safe, mild or wild version of your favourite curry so those who are not fond of the heat can choose something simpler. A range of accompaniments will ensure those who don’t want to eat the curry have options.

Evening Spice

If you don’t want to have curry at your wedding breakfast but want to include it somewhere serve it in the evening instead, a bowl of hot curry and rice as your evening guest dance the night away will be very welcome.

Starter Options

Instead of making a big full flavour curry the main event, include spice in your wedding breakfast but as a starter instead. Tandoori Chicken, Spiced seafood or a mini assortment of spiced pastries can work really well as a start and include the spice you want to include while keeping the rest of the menu more traditional.

Spiced & Fragrant Meats

If you are having meat as the main event, consider introducing a spice rub or spiced marinade. This can make you main meal really zing with a touch of your favourite spices to bring out the flavours of the meat but served with traditional accompaniments.

Spiced Desserts

Don’t forget the pud! This is a great place to introduce the element of spice in your wedding in a more unusual and subtle way. Spiced pears are always welcome or perhaps serve something more exotic like an Indian style kulfi or spiced rice pudding.

Bring the right amount of spice into your wedding that suits you. Don’t forget serving small plates r canapes with more spice and punch can work well as it is only a small amount, and don’t forget to complement your food ideas with some spiced cocktails or unusual teas.

Whatever ideas you have for the food at your wedding contact the team at Devon Catering to make your wedding food fantastic, and just the way you want it on your special day.

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