Summer is the most popular time for weddings and it is not hard to understand why. Great photo opportunities, relaxing outside at a venue with great food and drink with all your friends and family in the sunshine is what a lot of couples dream of. But remember outdoor foods don’t have to be just for the summer!

Outdoor ceremonies are becoming more and more popular and as a follow on from that outdoor food is starting to play a much bigger part in many weddings, especially summer ones. Here are some great ideas at how to incorporate the great outdoors with a stunning wedding menu.

Quirky Outdoor Catering Ideas

Not everyone wants formal or traditional at their wedding and there are some great ways to add quirky and individual elements to a wedding with the food you serve or the way you serve it. If you can guarantee nice weather instead of a sit-down meal, consider serving your wedding breakfast in individual picnic baskets. Perhaps one basket per couple or family and include a picnic blanket so everyone can find their favourite spot on the lawn or surrounding greenery of the venue to relax and enjoy a picnic. If you have smaller wedding then providing prepared food that can be cooked over a campfire or BBQ would work well, this gives lots of interaction between the guests and will make for a memorable occasion.

Hog Roasts are Crowd Pleasers

A Hog Roast at a summer wedding is always welcomed by guests, especially if accompanies by a range of interesting side dishes. This is a great way to serve food outdoors as it can be eaten in a bun or with a fork standing up or sitting down. Remember to include lots of napkins or wipes so guest can quickly deal with any spills, stains or to wipe down their hands.

Festival Style Food Vans

If you are having a large wedding with many guests, then a range of food vans serving different types of easily eaten outdoor foods can look and taste amazing. We are not talking greasy vans here and actually, they don’t even need to be vans (although this looks good in the photos) they can just be food stations set up around a seated area. In this way you can serve a range of foods in a festival style atmosphere that all your guests can enjoy al fresco.

Practical Service

If you are going to serve most of your food outside, then do think about the practicalities of how your guests are going to eat the food. Canapes both large and small served from trays so guests don’t have to hold a plate or bowl is always a good idea. Bowl food is also a good way to serve food to guests outside as it finger-food. This is a great opportunity to add some personalisation to your day and food by perhaps having your own recyclable bowls, plates or outdoor cups made with messages to from the bride and groom to the guests.

Whatever you imagine your wedding to be, at Devon Catering we can help you bring it to life with amazing food ideas that taste great. Contact us today to discuss your menu ideas.

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