Steampunk is definitely a word that is being used more and more, not just to describe those who love and celebrate the style but it is starting to creep into the mainstream with Steampunk bars cropping up in fashionable parts of large cities and a steampunk feel being included in films, fashion, interiors and video games.

What is Steampunk

For those who know, you know, and if you are thinking of having a Steampunk wedding you know! But for perhaps guests at a steampunk wedding it is worth exploring what steampunk is all about. Put very simply imagine that all modern technology looked like the Victorians had designed it and it still perhaps ran on steam – and you are going in the right direction. Born from novels such as those of Jules Verne, think High Victoriana with a mechanical inventor’s twist and there you get Steampunk.

Steampunk Décor

The interest in Victoriana has surged over the last few years both in fashion and interiors (perhaps linked to the rise in Steampunk??) so sourcing and styling a Steampunk Wedding is probably easier than you think. To create a steampunk look you will probably need to source copper keys, vintage clocks and cogs, all things brass and copper, add in lots of Victorian fabric, some taxidermy butterflies and a some beautifully filled Victorian terrariums and you are about there!

Guests at a Steampunk Wedding

While some of your guests may come dressed splendidly steampunk there may be some of your wedding guests who have never heard of Steampunk, so consider having a little explanation card either in the wedding invitation or the order of service so they can join in your theme and perhaps leave some top hats and steampunk styled fascinators so those who come in more traditional wedding attire can steampunk their outfit once they have arrived!

How to Steampunk Your Wedding Menu

Steampunking a wedding menu is a fun and adventurous thing to do – you can either choose what you love, and have it presented in a Steampunk way, for example on brass charger plates or on dainty Victorian porcelain or choose to serve some Victorian inspired delicacies at your own wedding. The Victorian were known for large feasts so perhaps a large roast with traditional trimmings would fit perfectly into a Steampunk theme. Perhaps a jelly set in traditional moulds and served individually as desserts would give a real nod to the Victorian style.

Afternoon tea was a big thing for the Victorians and also with modern Steampunk. There is even a game known as Tea Duelling played at many a Steampunk Convention celebrating the dunking of biscuits in tea! So perhaps bringing in tea elements into your wedding menu is a good idea, serving a selection of mini desserts on an afternoon tea stand would look very special, or serving champagne cocktails infused with earl grey tea would add some Steampunk Sparkle.

Hog Roasts would work very well for your evening meal and using an experienced local caterer like Devon Catering will ensure you get exactly the touches you are looking for within your wedding menu to make it truly special to you.

To discuss your steampunk wedding menu ideas contact the team at Devon Catering today.

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