September is always a popular time for weddings as the weather is often still warm with bright long days, but you also have the turn of the season coming in, so the green is just starting to fade with the autumnal reds and oranges starting to breathe through.

This can make for some truly spectacular photographs, tying the knot is September also means your guests may be more likely to attend as your wedding date is not conflicting with summer holiday plans. And with duck, goose and venison coming into season in September the food choices available are amazing.

September Wedding Inspiration

If you are thinking of getting married in Devon in September it can be a really magical time of year for the ceremony and wedding reception after – here are some September Wedding Ideas to inspire you:

Use the change in season to your advantage

With the heat of the summer gone, but the chill of autumn not quite set in September often has a lovely mellow feel about it, often you can just see the leaves starting to turn so adopting a colour scheme of blush pinks, oranges or purples will lend itself very well to this time of year. Taking advantage of seasonal foods and flowers in September will make your wedding feel fresh and in keeping with nature, roses are often at their best this time of year and root vegetables are in abundance and are so delicious it is easy to make them the star of your wedding menu.

Rustic Wedding Themes

Rustic weddings are always popular because they have such a romantic vibe to them. September weddings work particularly well with a rustic theme because of the autumnal colours that accompany them, reds, browns, organs and yellows compliment rustic wood tones beautifully. Using wood slices as charger plates, and on dessert or cheese tables is a great idea for this theme as is semi naked wedding cakes and using wooden tables without any tablecloths. Jam jars, hessian wrapped favours and fairy lights against trees or barn doors also add to the natural and rustic theme. As September weather can often be mild having a campfire or BBQ is also possible, perhaps include some throws or blankets for guests in case there is a chill in the air.

September Wedding Food Ideas

September food is a beautiful balance between the last produce of summer and the coming winter so while the food should be a little heartier than a summer wedding it can be just as bright and colourful. Butternut squash, beetroot and watercress are all in season with great flavours and colours, pumpkins are also starting to arrive for that deep orange hue. For seasonal meat try Duck, Lamb, Venison or Rabbit and on the seafood side crab and scallops are in abundance.

These beautiful ingredients (along with many more) can be served to your guests in a variety of ways, if you choose a 3 course meal then consider a watercress soup (as the colours are just so vibrant) followed by a Duck main course and then as so many berries are available in a traditional crumble perhaps served with a modern flavoured ice cream, earl grey or brown butter?

Canape’s can be a combination of all those autumnal squashes served bitesize with complimentary cheeses, or perhaps mini baked savoury pies or pasties with a dollop of chutney. If you are using pumpkins or squash in your menu consider serving a course in one for a great looking dish.

Modern September Weddings

Of course, you don’t have to go rustic, September is also a time to refresh goals as back to school fever sets in, so having a bright and modern wedding also fits well with this time of year – go bold and adopt some fashionable neon into your wedding. Neon signs, and neon lights complimented with bright fruity salads or colourful frosting atop cupcakes will brighten up any wedding! Consider rainbow colours, almost neon ties for the groomsmen and fabulously matching neon shoes for the bridesmaids. You can even give a small not to the season and include yellow, red and orange neon for a funky modern autumn vibe.

Wedding Caterers

To get the perfect balance of excellent food prepared on time and with flair takes experience so if your September wedding needs fantastic food then call the team at Devon Catering with your ideas and let them help you make your wedding as amazing as you want it to be.

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