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It is a well-known fact that the food you serve at your wedding reception can make or break the whole guest experience. Regardless of whether your family and friends are foodies, or not; everyone appreciates an exceptionally prepared meal, full of flavour and rich textures. That is why as a wedding catering company, we put a great focus on the basics – where we source our produce from!

Devon, UK – a cradle of organic gardening and farming

As we are a Devon catering company, we are completely locally oriented when it comes to sourcing our supplies. Not only is the South West taking the lead in producing fresh and organic products, but for many years now, Devon has been the centre of it. This gives us a plethora of options to source everything we need! What is more important, we only work with suppliers who offer the best organic quality. These are the people who put so much love and care into everything they do, and better said – they don’t treat the soil like dirt! 

The geographical position and agricultural qualities of Devon are unparalleled. Due to the fertile soil and green spaces, farming and gardening have been blossoming! This allows us to get only healthy, organic and quality products that are always freshly prepared for Devon weddings.

The area is rich with local beef, pork, chicken and lamb producers, who reap the benefits of the wonderful open countryside and fresh air. Naturally, that results in amazing, flavourful and quality meat. As a wedding catering company, we include everything we can source locally. That means the fish on our menu comes from the historic and quaint village of Appledore. This is a village that when you visit it, you will feel like you’ve travelled back in time! 

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Local and eco-friendly

Our wedding catering services encompass using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. Not only is this supporting many local businesses, but it also promotes a healthier environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Knowing that these are small businesses whose life revolves around small-batch organic produce in contrast to large companies, you know that the quality is impeccable. Everything is done with so much love instead of uniform and chaotic mass production.

Quality of produce

It goes without saying that we take great pride in offering only the best and high-quality culinary delights for weddings in Devon. After all, this is the most important day of your life, so everything needs to be tailored to perfection. Plus, you would feel a lot more secure if you are working with a Devon catering company that values quality above all, right? Our goal is to always prepare everything from locally sourced organic ingredients that have the best quality on the market. This is very important to us, as is to our couples and their beloved guests.

Flavourful culinary delights

As we said, local sourcing and quality are the base for every meal we prepare. If the vegetables aren’t farm-to-table or the meat is a result of cattle that have been fed artificially – it won’t taste that good!

In addition, as a wedding catering company, we are always transparent with our couples regarding how each of our meals is prepared. If you are planning a loving celebration and are interested in how we can elevate the food experience, please feel free to request a copy of our menus!

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