The last in our series of blog posts detailing different foods celebrated at different months throughout the year, hello December!

Dominated by the festive season, December is a time to enjoy spending time with friends and family, enjoying great food and great parties. Adding a little sparkle to any festive menu is what we at Devon Catering are really great at! Be it catering for a Works Christmas Party or planning a sparkling festive feast for a wedding we work tirelessly to ensure the menu and then the execution of the food is truly spectacular at this special time of year.

Unsurprisingly the whole of December is National Fruit Cake month, and who can argue with that! Fruit cake steeped in your favourite alcoholic tipple is a mainstay of this season and of course forms the base of many wedding cakes, however if you are looking to do something different with the fruit cake, try blending it with Ice Cream or making it into cake pops and sprinkling with edible glitter for a modern take on this festive favourite at your next Christmas party.

Along with the festive food indulgences of December, there are also days dedicated to more sweet treats, including National Cookie Day (4th), National Brownie Day (8th), National Ice-Cream Day (13th) and National Cupcake Day (15th).

These are great items to include in any menu, don’t be put off by the weather for having an ice cream station as a dessert in December, choosing Ice Cream over Gelato and picking flavours with warm undertones like rum & raisin or coffee and supplying hot sauce and marshmallows can make this a much talked about surprise at a winter wedding or Christmas party.

Brazil celebrates their National Muffin Day on December 18th and sweet or savoury these would be a welcome late night snack at a wedding or party, other items that work really well late into the evening are delicious pasties, bacon sandwiches or just a delicious sandwich selection.

If you have had enough of traditional British festive drinks by the 20th December then try Sangria on its National Day, this is a great sharing drink and so party drink and can be blended to taste in white or red. We can’t get through December without mentioning that it is National Burger Day on the 20th December and while this is not the obvious choice for a Wedding or Party there are some great ways to serve street food like Burgers in a memorable way for any event, using service vans or again as a late night snack.

We can’t take inspiration from December without mentioning Christmas Dinner, the Turkey and all the trimmings is still as popular as ever for Christmas parties and Christmas inspired weddings as a traditional three course meal, served as a buffet or in miniature as canapes served at a drinks reception.

December is most certainly a time to celebrate, with great food and as experienced wedding and party caterers in Devon and across the South West we can make your festive celebration as special as you are.

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