As your wedding day is one of the most important and romantic days of your life, incorporating romantic food into your wedding menu sounds like a great idea to us, here are a few great romantic foods to incorporate into your wedding day:

There is just something about strawberries that everybody loves. Red in colour and delicious in taste and texture this is a truly versatile romantic food everyone will recognise. Use it in a salad as a starter, create jams or sauces out of it, or create a decadent pudding, if you have a summer wedding simply serving strawberries and cream will make all your guests happy.

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Food that is traditionally known as romantic usually has its roots in being known as an aphrodisiac! Foods like asparagus have been written about in literature for their aphrodisiac qualities and if you were a groom in France in the 19th Century you would have been served three courses of asparagus at your pre-nuptial dinner (or Stag Party as we call them now!). If you are having your wedding when this lovely vegetable is in season would be perfect, and asparagus can also make an interesting side too many mains and also form the basis of a great vegetarian option. Ask your wedding caterer for other good ideas.

Oysters are a well-known romantic food and are a definite show stopper at a wedding, it is reported that Cassanova ate 50 raw oysters per day. As an alternative use scallops if oysters are not your thing. Figs are another of the great romantic food, and these lovely velvety fruits are really versatile and easy to include in many great wedding dishes. If you want make a more subtle nod to romance in your food then remember that most herbs have great meanings behind their names for example basil means love, so if you want to include some romance in your food without making it very obvious, herbs – and flowers – are the way to go.

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Remember that romantic food does not have to be known as traditionally romantic as long as it is romantic to you. Do you remember what you had to eat on your first date? If you went to a restaurant incorporate one of your courses into your wedding menu. Did you go to the movies, then try and incorporate popcorn, sweet or savoury into your day. If you have been on holiday together and have special memories, serve food that reminds you of that trip to Thailand with a Thai inspired starter or if you remember a walk along a British beach as really romantic then serving a version of fish and chips as a canapé or ice cream in cones will remind you of that.

The romance does not have to be confined to food, a cocktail from your favourite bar can also be served at your wedding. Food favours that reflect you are also a good idea to bring your romantic story to your wedding. The food that reminds you of each other is the best inspiration for your wedding menu! Good caterers like Devon Catering can take your ideas and turn them into food that is special to you.

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