It is no surprise that we love weddings, we truly enjoy catering for Devon brides and grooms throughout the year and kept our ears close to the ground for news on what the Royal Couple had chosen for their wedding day food.

So here are some great ways you can take some Royal Wedding inspiration and include it on your own wedding day.

Include personal touches in the menu

The royal wedding cake was elderflower flavour made with syrup from the Queen’s elderflower trees on the Sandringham Estate. This is a lovely touch to have such a personal ingredient included in the wedding cake. Couples wanting to include personal touches on their wedding day including in the menu or cake can take inspiration from this. Perhaps you grandma makes an amazing chutney which you could serve with the cheese board, or you have a favourite cocktail from your first date to be served as a welcome drink. There may be a special ingredient that means a lot to both of you, or to your family which can be incorporated in the menu. Whatever is special or personal to you can be included in some way into a wedding menu and the team at Devon Catering can give you great advice about how to do this.

Keeping it seasonal

The formal sit-down dinner hosted by the Queen included many seasonal ingredients sourced from the royal estates to ensure that the ingredients chosen would taste their best at the time of year they were served. Now we don’t all have estates to source our ingredients from but by working with experienced wedding caterers like Devon Catering you can ensure you are choosing produce that will be in season on your wedding day and so taste at its absolute best.

Reflecting Heritage

From Meghan’s amazing veil that had embroidered flowers representing each country in the commonwealth, to the luncheon menu that included ingredients from across the British Isles representing and reflecting both the couples heritage was a big part of the royal wedding day. This is something that many couples want to do and incorporating heritage into a wedding menu is a lovely idea to incorporate. This can be anything from the couple’s favourite foods to ingredients that represent where the couple lived, met, grew up or where their families are from. It can even include old family recipes!

Include your own style

Royal Weddings do have a life of their own and there are certain things that are expected on such an occasion but even so, Harry and Meghan were able to stamp their own identity and style into their wedding day and this is something all brides and grooms can take inspiration from. From elements of the wedding service at St George’s chapel, to the guest list, to serving standing food at their evening reception in the form of passed canapes and bowl food – Harry and Meghan ensured their personal style was reflected on their special day.

Weddings are a very special time for any bride and groom and so making menu’s and food options that reflect the couple is what we love to do. To find out more about how we can help you on your wedding day call or email us today.

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