One of the first things to consider with a Halloween themed wedding is the location. The wedding venue you choose has to have either Gothic Architecture, a haunted mansion feel, or be a real blank canvas venue so you can inject the Halloween style yourself, for this theme to work well.

When you have decided on your venue (there are many suitable wedding venues here in Devon that would be perfect) then it is time to think about the décor, will you go for Victorian Gothic with rich velvets, intricate lace patterns and chandeliers, it could be more mystical with an ethereal feel to the décor, you could opt for a more tongue in cheek Tim Burton approach with black and white stripes as a big feature in the décor. Subtlety and restraint is probably the key to a successful Halloween themed wedding, Halloween decorations from the local £1 store are a no no. Think instead about incorporating blacks in varying degrees with highlights of white or perhaps using a more holistic Halloween colour scheme incorporating the oranges and burnt reds of the season.

Alternative Wedding Themes

It takes a clever caterer to match delicious food with your dream wedding theme so when you have picked your venue contact Devon Catering right away so they can get to work on your ideas and requirements and they will be able to tell you what is possible for your budget and theme. Halloween themed weddings should be very elegant, especially if you are going down the gothic route so serving unique cocktails either before or after your wedding ceremony is a great idea and will set the mood for the reception that is yet to come.

For food use the Autumns seasonal larder to help influence the decisions you make as this food will have the freshest taste. Even though you are having a Halloween themed wedding try and not make the food too gimmicky as going for food quality and flavour is more important. Pick Butternut Squash, or Pumpkin flavours to accent your theme, cheese boards with dark coloured crackers would look striking on a gothic table. Serving mains that evoke the Halloween theme like pigeon breast with a redcurrant jus or a great cut of meat served with a garlic gratin will please your guests and pay homage to your theme. Talk to the brilliant chefs at Devon Catering for their ideas and create your own Halloween Wedding Menu.

As the evenings are dark, many Halloween themed weddings have a firework finale, serve warm spiced apple ciders, with nibbles when people are watching the fireworks as a great ending to your Halloween Themed Wedding.

Whatever your theme, date or venue, Devon Catering can make your Devon Wedding delicious, contact us today to discuss your ideas and for a detailed quote.

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