Spring is a season of newness, the longer days, warmer weather and any array of stunning floral colours makes it one of the most perfect times of year to get married. The perfect way to balance your spring wedding menu is the same way you balanced your outfit – a few accents that bring spring to the forefront, but not too much of an investment. So, you probably won’t choose to wear a green dress just because it’s spring, but you might choose a pale green sash, or ask for your bouquet to contain green chrysanthemums or a higher than usual amount of bright spring leaves. Similarly, with your catering, aim to grace the food with notes of spring that delight the palate.

Here are a few of the outstanding spring catering ideas that we’ve worked on for weddings recently.

Green is the colour…

Or maybe it’s lilac or peach. Whatever the spring colour you’ve chosen to accent your wedding day, bring it into your menu – tiny pots of blackcurrant mousse, for example, can harmonise with your lilac details or a raspberry and peach pavlova. If you’ve opted for green, there’s no need to just go for salad as your accent colour. Consider some of the most delicious spring foods around: miniature pea souffles, asparagus wrapped in ham, even herb butters served in elegant curls with fresh baked rolls will give a fresh springlike appeal to your reception.

Verge on vegan

More and more people are vegan, so bringing this to the heart of your wedding catering can bring a wholesome a garden-fresh flavour to the event. Vegetarian sushi is one of the hottest trends around and because it’s so beautiful, it makes a focal point of the food.

Simple, local, healthful

The words we associate with spring include youthfulness, healthiness, life and vigour. So why not make a commitment to bring these features to your wedding catering? Great combinations include local cheese sliced into batons served with fresh dips, or towers of feta or mozzarella interspersed with tomato and watermelon and drizzled with a wild garlic syrup, or soft cheeses stacked up, wedding cake style, for guests to slice for themselves and enjoy with a range of fresh chutneys.

Make fizz a feature

We’re not talking about champagne! One of our most popular options has been a lemonade bar. A simple set up with a dedicated server helping your guests design their own ‘springade’ is a real winner. In addition to the lemonade base you can offer a range of juiced fruits – raspberry, blood orange, kiwi etc along with a herb garnish – mint, basil, lemon verbena, some zingy flavours: ginger, lemongrass, honey, and frozen fruit like currants, melons and strawberries instead of ice cubes. Fun to make, stunning to look at and a real talking point on the day.

Flavour favours

Let people take away a sweet memory. While the macaroon is still a huge hit, and looks fabulous in spring colours, packed in an individual box to take home, we’ve got some even fresher ideas! Our brides have been loving spring treats like tiny jars of crystallised violets, strawberries dipped in white chocolate or even bunny shaped biscuits with a simple lemon glaze. Whatever your wishes, we can make them reality, so why not get in touch with the team at Devon Catering to see how we can help?

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