As the New Year starts we hope you have enjoyed your Turkey and other festive favourites and had great fun at your Christmas and New Year parties. As caterers we love to explore new foods and revisit traditional foods that we may have forgotten about and the National Food Days that pop up throughout the year are a great way to do this. There is pretty much a food celebrated on every day of the year so here is a roundup of our favourite food day that occurs throughout the month of January.

To kick off the year and perhaps revive you from the New Year’s Eve party the night before, the 1st of January is Bloody Mary Day. An underappreciated cocktail that courageously celebrates the tomato and packs quite a kick depending on the amount of spice included, we have seen these also served as shots with a celery frond as an aperitif at a wedding – delicious.

January also includes such treats as National Cream Puff Day and National Whipped Cream Day, and quite possibly one of our favourites, National Peach Melba Day. Peach Melbas are quite literally delicious and traditional and old fashioned desserts like this are being revamped at weddings and celebrations across the UK we definitely recommend considering including a now uncommon dessert like this at parties as it evokes a great response from guests and is still unusual enough to be a taking point.

Celebrating all that is British was very trendy at events in 2014 and is still a popular theme running into 2015 so we are delighted to see 8th January as English Toffee Day, forget the slab that you got last Christmas complete with the little hammer that somehow ends up in the cutlery draw and think more of the creamy flavour of toffee to infuse much of your menus. Toffee Sauces, glazes, crumbs and even packed in yummy chunks as gifts or favours are making a huge impact on the food scene. January 12th is National Curried Chicken Day, also a great British favourite, in the guise of a nice hot curry served with fluffy rice and spicy snacks after a wedding reception or as Coronation Chicken at a daytime event.

Along with British influences Food Days in January also include ideas from across the globe, January 7th is National Tempura Day, 21st January is New England Clam Chowder Day, 18th January is Peking Duck Day, 30th January is National Croissant Day and 25th January is National Irish Coffee Day. If you are having an event, especially a wedding that involved bringing two (or more) countries or cultures together then choosing food that represents where the Bride and Groom are from is a great way to do that.

Some of the Food Days in January work so well in unique weddings where the Bride and Groom really want to infuse their personality into the menu. The 20th of January is National Cheese Lover’s Day, we have seen many different ways that cheese has been incorporate into a wedding, Couples have served cheese cakes for dessert, had a cheesecake as their wedding cake, or even had tiered whole cheeses as their wedding cake. Cheese boards served after a meal with unique cheeses sourced locally or from the area where the Bride or Groom grew up. January 19th is National Popcorn Day, popcorn works great at weddings especially those themed around the silver screen or taking place at cinema’s or theatres and with the rise of gourmet popcorn and savoury flavours it is a very hot item to have on the menu in 2015.

The list does go on for January but the above are some of our favourites, save one. January 27th is Chocolate Cake Day and that sounds simply wonderful to us. Talk to us about incorporating your favourite foods into your wedding or party menu and we will create a bespoke quote just for you.

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