For many brides and grooms their wedding is about celebrating who they are and their unique story. More and more brides and grooms are turning to the food served at their wedding to help tell that story, whether it is a reflection of the food of their childhood to celebrate where they grew up, or as a reminder of where they met. The food served at weddings is now an important part of the couple’s story and needs to blend well with the décor and theme of their special day.

Wedding Catering

Food from Devon has always been very special and is perfect for celebrations, a good South West caterer like use the finest fresh and local produce to create a delicious menu for each wedding couple. Below are a few ideas for traditional Devon food for you to serve throughout your wedding day.

I think we have to start with the very famous Devon Cream Tea, delicious scones served with thick butter, fresh fruity jam and topped with clotted cream, this can only ever go down well at any occasion. At a wedding you could include it as part of a buffet, have an afternoon Devon Cream Tea as part of your day, have smaller portions served as a canapé or even as a course in a set menu.

How about using a starter that has South West origins, Kiddly Broth is a soup from the area, made with onions, bacon and hard bread. You could also serve nettle soup as a surprising and unique start to your wedding breakfast.

Now fish and chips are a real favourite in both Devon and Cornwall, reminiscent of time spent on the beautiful beaches and perhaps not something you would think of serving at a wedding feast but remember that clever caterers can always include elements like fish and chips and can create lovely canapé’s that reflect this humble dish or you could have a small smart portion as a fish course in a set menu.

OK so we are moving from Devon to Cornwall with this one but anyone who has spent any time on in the South West of England has to have had a Cornish pasty. At your wedding these could be served as a great little canapé with drinks, or full size and warm as a midnight snack at your evening reception.

There are many traditional cheese-makers in Devon and Devon Blue is regarded superior to the rest due to its inherent richness and distinguishable tang. This cheese is particularly tasty when deep fried in breadcrumbs and served with gooseberry sauce – another must-try dish unique to Devon and easily incorporated into a wedding menu. Brides and grooms have been known to pass over a traditional wedding cake in favour of a cake made entirely of different types of Devon cheeses, served with crackers, great breads, and chutneys.

Finally we turn from traditional Devon foods to traditional Devon drinks and Scrumpy. Serving Scrumpy as an appetiser with accompanying snacks is great for weddings, if you want to be more subtle it can be used as an ingredient in another dish, if you want to celebrate this delicious drink it can even be used as the wedding toast or welcome drink.

Whatever theme you have chosen for your wedding or even if you just want great food and excellent service talk to the about your requirements and they will create a menu for your special day.

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