Great Wedding Ideas for Foodie Couples

For many of us food is a central part of our lives, and for foodie couples planning their wedding, ensuring that not only great food is reflected in their wedding, but reflecting the foodie inspiration in their lives throughout their wedding is becoming increasingly important.

Foodie couples, often travel to far flung parts to try new and exciting dishes, spend lots of time in the kitchen trying recipes and actively seek out new food experiences like foraging and jam making I their spare time.

Foodie Hen & Stag

Incorporating foodie ideas into pre-wedding celebrations is something that is growing in popularity across the UK. Some ideas include a foraging weekend for a Hen Party or a Real Ale tour for a Stag Weekend. Some couples take it a little further and plan to create foodie favours to use at their wedding, a jam making weekend to create cute ribboned jars of jam with home-made labels is a great idea or try something completely new like a bee-keeping experience and create something delicious and honey related!

Wedding Day Foodie Ideas

To incorporate your love of food without it taking over your wedding, just include little hints here and there. Naming tables famous chefs, restaurants or food groups is a little nod, food stations are a great way of having fun food ideas. Also think about adding a little bit of food theatre for your guests to enjoy. Opt for food being served on planks or vintage plates rather than standard white, adding items like small sparklers will make service interesting or include personalised notes or poems to be read with the meal.

Talk to a great wedding caterer, like Devon Catering, to make food an interactive experience – sharing platters, or items to carve or serve at the table sound like a lot of fun and will get your guests talking. Perhaps have a decorate your own cupcake favour or dessert station or serve a choice of sauces with information about each with the main.

Foodie favours, can be inspired by absolutely anything – opt for personalised biscuits, cake pops or jam jars for bakery inspired gifts. Don’t forget savory items like breadsticks with dips, breads wrapped in pretty paper, flavoured nuts or cute jars of olives.

Foodie Honeymoon

Extend the foodie theme to your honeymoon and choose to visit somewhere that gets your taste buds excited, whether that is exploring the spices in India, the classics in France or exploring the trendy flavours and new style restaurants across Scandinavia.

Your local flavour

Food is often large part of a couple’s heritage, whether that is a cream tea from Devon or a curry from Delhi, using flavours, cooking styles or family recipes that mix food both the bride and groom is a great way of bringing two families together on the wedding day itself.

Ensuring that your food is local, free range, in season, foraged or organic is also important to some couples, if these things are important to you then ensure that when you talk to your wedding caterer you discuss what is possible in your area.

For a competitive and inspirations quote from the great foodie team at Devon Catering, contact us today to discuss your foodie wedding ideas!

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