Have you recently got engaged and it’s now time to start planning the perfect wedding? Well we’ve put together the ultimate wedding checklist to help you.

Our free wedding checklist is based on a 12 month engagement and marks all of the things you need to do and organise before the big day. We know every wedding is different so we’ve done our best to cover all of the important things including announcing your engagement and choosing your wedding cake.

We’ve also included some of the most common thoughts and questions asked by many wedding couples below.

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The Most Common Thoughts & Questions Asked By Many Wedding Couples.

Asking for money on your wedding gift list is now commonplace, but it should be handled carefully:

Guest must feel as if they are giving money towards something worthwhile. Many travel agents allow guests to put money towards a couple’s dream honeymoon, and some offer lists of ‘experiences’ they can buy, such as a romantic meal.

With venues, ask two questions. What kind of wedding do you want? And how many guests do you want to invite?

Only once you know the answers to these questions should you start researching possible venues. Take notes. It may feel a bit like being back in school, but take tons of notes when visiting venues or other suppliers. You’re bound to forget the detail by the time you get home. With venues specifically, give marks out of ten on things like style, charm, and budget.

Don’t forget the groom:

The bride must not forget her groom and the males in the bridal party, and leave them as an afterthought! Brides need to consider what the males will be wearing, how they will complement her and her bridesmaids, and the overall aesthetic.

Make a menu you would enjoy:

Many future brides and grooms worry about the wedding breakfast menu, and get caught up in the details of others’ preferences and dietary requirements,’ explains Leisa. ‘I always advise couples to choose a menu they would like to eat and pick out their own favourite dishes.’

Make it about you and your groom:

This is a special day, meant to celebrate a future together with the person you love. Experts stress the need to keep the day personal. As an added bonus, guests love attending weddings that are individual and will be pleasantly surprised by any unusual or quirky adaption.


Leisa and the Devon Catering Team.

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