Whether you have been planning your dream wedding since you were a younger or it’s something you’ve never given much thought to, the process is never a straightforward one. There are a lot of details to take care of and decisions to arrive at. With this in mind The Wedding Catering Team at Devon Catering have come up with a list of interesting hints and tips to help you along the way;

  • Communication – too many brides suffer needlessly because they worry about what others will think or that they will upset someone. A wedding dilemma is easily resolved by just talking. Ask that question; check it out with that person. Trust us, you will feel happier, may be surprised at the answer, and more importantly you will sleep better for it. We are happy to answer any questions you may have relating to your wedding catering, no question is silly so please ask. There’s nothing worse than sleepless nights before your big day!
  • No rules – there is no such thing as a standard wedding anymore. Don’t be afraid to make your dreams come true, if you want a black dress, have it. If you want to serve a hog roast for your wedding breakfast, we can put it on the menu, if you can’t choose between two best men – have both! Throw out the rulebook. It is your day.
  • Personalisation – theme your ceremony to suit your personality. There are many different ways to achieve this – the venue, your vows, the food or the itinerary. Most weddings have guests that come from afar and just because your guests know you, doesn’t mean they know each other. Having a drinks reception with canapés prior to the ceremony can help to break the ice, get people talking and provide much needed respite for those who have come from a distance.
  • Budget – planning a day to remember doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Ask yourself “what can I afford” rather than “what do I want”. Once a budget has been agreed, prioritise what it is important to YOU. Save on venue costs by choosing date midweek or in an less popular season such as winter. Alternatively think outside the box, how about a ceremony in a beautiful park? Quirky, different and cheap, and we can fully cater for outside weddings as well
  • Say cheese – get your friends involved in capturing special (and natural) moments by leaving disposable cameras on each table. This will help save on photography costs and give you a different and varied perspective on the day’s events.
  • Music – include in your invites a request for your guests to tell you which 2 songs they would like to be played on the night. A sure fire way to get people onto the dance floor.
  • On the day –get the bride ready first. Therefore if things are running late (which they usually are!) you are not left rushing and worrying about if you will make it on time.

The most important thing to do whilst planning your wedding is ensure you make time for each other. Don’t let wedding planning take over and make you lose sight of why you are doing what you are. Spend some quality time together and enjoy planning your wedding, as you have the rest of your lives to spend together! Happy planning from the team at Devon Catering. Contact us to discuss your wedding catering plans!

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