Wedding ideas: creative canapés with sentimental significance

First the rules – and yes, there are rules about wedding party canapés:

1 – the first rule is balance. Canapés should offer a balance of flavours, bases, colours and textures.

2 – the second rule is quantity. If you’re not having dinner after the canapés, allow between 12 and 14 individual canapés per person, and make sure that there is a range of hot and cold, meat, fish and vegetarian and of course, gluten free! You may have other dietary concerns to cater for, so speak to the team at Devon Catering to ensure you cover all the bases so that some guests aren’t left with only one or two tiny nibbles that they can eat.

3 – the third rule is that pudding says goodbye! The convention is that when the sweet canapés appear, it’s time for the guests to make their farewells. This sweet hint is well understood in some cultures, not so much in others, so if you want your guests to know that when the desserts appear, it’s time to leave, let your ushers and bridesmaids know, so that as they circulate through the reception, they can mention, tactfully that they are looking forward to the sweet canapés as they will herald the end of the party and a chance to get their high heels off or get out of that stiff collar, or whatever.

That’s the rules out of the way, now the fun begins!

Choosing canapés that have significance for you is a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding. You might want to pick a couple of items from the holiday where you got engaged, so tiny calamari rings and a dip for Greece, mini pizzas for Italy, miniature briouats for Morocco, or baby hot dogs for the USA would be a real talking point. Match that savoury canapé with a similarly significant sweet one – Greek yoghurt in shot glasses, swirled with honey, similarly sized tiramisu or zabaglione, dates stuffed with honeyed almonds and of course, mini doughnuts all evoke special places that have meaning on your special day.

Perhaps it’s not a place that’s a big part of your joint lives, but a hobby or pastime? One of the sweetest (literally) treats we ever prepared was orange slices as canapés for a football mad couple. We brought them out on football patterned plates and while the guests were at first not terribly impressed, once they bit into the slices and discovered they were vodka orange sorbet frozen onto deliciously candied peel they definitely didn’t want half-time to be over!

Other fun ideas along similar lines are:

• two chips and a single fish goujon served in a tortilla wrap for couples who love fish and chips, especially if one of them actually goes fishing

• pistachio macaroons inscribed with two vanilla icing lines to look like tennis balls for Grand Slam fans.

Finally, you may wish to make a compliment to your culture or cultures – fusion canapés are brilliant for this: a tiny Yorkshire pudding topped with beef satay, a baby scone filled with mango preserve, even a miniature crumble with exotic fruits can suggest union and will definitely be a talking point.

As experienced wedding and party caterers we can make wonderful canapés that evoke the history of your relationship, talk to us today for a friendly chat about how to bring some romantic interpretations to your reception canapés.

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